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The beaters were ordered on 11/28/13 delivered on 12/10/13 the third time in use in late Jauary 2014 beating cookie dough, the beater tines came out of the stem. I wrote sent a pic of the broken beater, on Febrary 6, 14 I received a reply from a Mr.

Ali, to call him on the telephone.

In my correspondence I requested a replacement beater. A telephone discussion is not going to get me a replacement beater, when an email response would have been sufficient.

Thus far I have found that has a ripoff report complaint, which I failed to check out first.

I have thus found replacement part companies that claim to sell genuine Kitchen Aid replacement parts.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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OK so i looked up the portable mixers and from what i can tell you can not make things like cookie dough or bread dough you might burn out your motor.You see i have the stand mixer and it can handle alot more.With the portable you can only use that for soft things like cake mix or homemade,mashed potatoes,whipped cream,eggs,frosting,pancake batter things like that.But you can still buy stronger beaters but i would not make cookie dough with it.


You have to buy them.Looking at that beater even i could tell it would not be strong enough for cookie dough.That beater is only made for liquids like eggs or whipped cream.This is all stated in your book.You can go to the kitchen aid website and see all the different beaters and attachments they have for sale.They even have speical beaters for brownies.Once you learn how to use your kichen aid correctly it is so easy and worth it.Take some time and educate yourself about your kitchen aid.Once you do that you will be amazed at what it can do.I even grind and make homemade saugage on mine and it is wonderful.You can also make ice cream.You can make pasta.All it takes is a little time to learn all about it and what attachments to be used for whatever you are doing. Even the portable one has attachments you can buy.

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There were NO dough Hook beaters that came with this portable mixer!


I have a kitchen aid and love it! You should not have used the regular beaters for cookie dough.You should have used a dough hook.If you use the new beater like this it will break also.You have to use the correct beaters for the task you are doing.This is in your book that came with your kitchen aid...maybe you should read it.

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